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Since 2005, Novazet is the distributor of process measurement and control elements, stainless steel fittings, electronic control & measurement devices.

We are glad to serve our clients with our dynamic sales and engineer team, which grows and develops every day, together with its expanding product range and new brands.


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ITEC has a continuing desire to be at the forefront of industrial measuring equipment manufacture and calibration systems with pressure, temperature, level instruments and their accessories. ITEC is a benchmark in the industry thanks to its reliable service. Having ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, as well as ATEX or CE marking ITEC products can meet the market demand.

SENECA is a key player in the signal conditioning and "ModBUS" I/O areas after more than 30 years of manufacture in the industrial automation field. The cutting-edge product lines and expert approach ensure the most elegant solutions to all the process interfacing and data acquisition challenges. SENECA provides a full spectrum of automation solutions, ranging from a single component to a whole engineering plant.

Oshwin Overseas is verified and trusted manufacturer of stainless steel tubings, nickel alloy pipes & tubes, instrumentation valves, and tube fittings. Oshwin Overseas serves a variety of industries, including oil, gas, food, and nuclear with its wide product portfolio and high quality products.

Delta Mobrey is an  experinced company in the automation industry for more than 100 years with its reliable design and expertise, serves the oil, gas, energy, and process industries with its high quality and economical products. These products include switches, transmitters, gauges, conductivity probes.

Primary Flow Signal (PFS) has been manufacturing flow meters for more than 30 years and leading industry with the reputation for dependability, and precision. PFS is glad to own more than 1 million patented venturis worldwide.


Phoenix Contact is the global market leader and innovator in electrification, networking, and automation on the way to a smart world. Phoenix Contact is the manufacturer of a wide range of products such as of relay modules, terminal blocks, signal converters, and energy analyzers, providing products, systems, and solutions in every aspect of electronics and automation.



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